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Who could be at fault when a pedestrian is hit in an auto accident? Is it the pedestrian who could be wrong? Is it due to the driver’s fault owing to negligence? Or are both of them at fault? Or could it be that none of them are responsible for the crash? To figure out who could be at fault, it is necessary that the cause be established. Insurance companies do this all the time before arriving at a payout decision at any given point. You can find out more on this by visiting – Following are some of the known causes of accidents involving pedestrians:
Distracted driving
Driving under the influence
Irresponsible driving
Poor foot-way maintenance
Lack of sidewalks
Parking lot flaws
Debris in parking lots or on foot-ways
Pedestrian inattention

Who could be at fault?
Based on the cause-investigations, the person at fault could be the pedestrian, the striking vehicle’s driver, or the entity responsible for the foot-ways, parking lot or the spot where the accident took place. Get in touch with The Marks Law Group LLC to find out how you, as an injured pedestrian could claim for medical bills, agony and suffering from the erring party. It is necessary that you establish the erring actions on behalf of the other erring party to seek the rightful claim for damages. For this you would need to establish that the other party had a ‘responsibility to care’.

“Responsibility to care”
All drivers are expected to display a certain level of duty to care for pedestrians. This is done by following all safety rules on the road and by being a responsible driver especially towards the pedestrians as well as the children. You only need to click on to the following link – to know more about Atlanta auto accident lawyers.

Foot-way and parking lot owners too have a duty towards the public. They are expected to maintain the condition of the spaces meant for pedestrian’s use.
So as to prove the fault, it is a must to establish that the owner or driver violated the ‘responsibility to care’ by being a reckless driver, jumping a red light, jamming a sidewalk making it impassable or any other action that could have caused the injury.

Defend Your Claim
You may already know who could have been at fault and responsible for the injuries caused to you but the insurance company may differ. The possibility exists that you are getting blamed for the motor vehicle accident as you will be the one cited for being careless. Click on to learn about pedestrian accident attorneys. Following are some guidelines you should follow to defend your claims in the event of an accident:
Call for the police immediately after the accident and file an accident report.
Try to record the names, phone numbers of any witnesses, make and model of the vehicle.
Do not leave accident site till the arrival of the police.
Refrain from making any statements or get into any conversation with insurance agents, known or unknown people.
Record any details that you remember of the accident and the place.
Even if you are convinced with the compensation offered by the insurance company or even in the event they compel you to sign a settlement agreement, do not ever do it unless guided by a personal injury lawyer.
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