What Is There For Those Uninsured In Case Of An Accident?

There are two types of insurance a driver needs to have – liability insurance and uninsured/under insured motorist coverage.

In the first, if you are involved in an accident and the other party does not have insurance, this policy is used to pay out for damages and indemnities. If you do not have insurance, but the other driver can be proven to be at fault or negligent, of course you are due to collect compensation.
For the second, this helps to pay for your bills in case the other party does not have insurance to pursue for damage claims.

If you are the victim of an accident, you may file a personal injury claim against those responsible. If they do not have insurance (which is illegal), the only recourse is to file a lawsuit to pay for your medical bills and recover. For this, the assistance of dedicated personal injury lawyers like the Harmonson Law Firm, P.C., is paramount. Learn more from this site about your rights and what to do after an accident at clarkharmonsonattorney.com/auto-accident-attorney-el-paso

Negligence in Car Accidents

Drivers have a ‘duty to care’ implied with the privilege of owning a license to drive. Cars for all the convenience they provide, can be tools of slaughter. Thus, if the insurance payout is insufficient to cover the pains and economic losses from your injuries,

Drunk drivers (or subject other forms of mental impairment, such as from drugs) are automatically held liable for any injuries they cause. However, there are other simple but dangerous habits that people perform that neglect this duty to care. Driving while excessively fatigued or sleepy can be just as bad as driving while drunk. Another is talking or texting on the phone, with only one hand on the wheel.
Proving negligence is at the heart of a personal injury case. Documentation of your injuries, car crash evidence and police reports, and medical examinations from a neutral physician are essential to furthering your case. Even in the case of hit-and-run drivers, you may still collect uninsured motorist insurance.

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